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Eat 12 Grapes

Let us first go back to the time where this grapes tradition started. The 12 grapes New Years Eve tradition dates back to a century or even old. According to a popular story, growers in Alicante, Spain had a great harvest in 1909 and they came up with a great way to sell off their surplus. From there this tradition has been picked and is being followed by the people even today. Though every country has a tradition of its own that they practice on the New Year’s Eve, this particular tradition of Spain is somewhat unique and is actually a fun thing to do.

With the belief that the New Year is going to be prosperous and lucky for you, consume the 12 grapes for each of the 12 bells chime. By the way, if you think that it is an easy task to fulfill, you are wrong. It is not that easy to gasp 12 grapes in 3 seconds each. You will get only 3 seconds for each grape. So, if you are new and don’t want to play with the luck then make sure you pick small grapes. Also, you can do a little practice beforehand if you take this tradition seriously.

Wear a Yellow or Red underwear

In Chile, it is tradition for ladies to wear yellow underwear on New Year’s to attract prosperity and money in the year to come. The basis for this strange ritual is color, The yellow color represents the Sun, which is viewed as the basis of life, prosperity and abundance on earth.

If you ask me if would prefer to wear Yellow since it is the Pantone Color Of The Year for 2021.

This tradition has expanded across Latin America, with other colors representing a variety of New Year’s wishes. Red underwear, for example, has been worn to attract love. Last year, a group of Bolivians also tried to encourage wearing green underwear as a sign of hope. Finally, in Peru, it has become customary to wear colored underwear inside out.

Eat Lentils

Another New Year’s tradition with Chilean roots that has become popular across the Goble involves to cook and eat a spoonful or plateful of the grain on this day, Also keeping lentils around the house to ensure that the year to come is filled with prosperity and abundance. (Yes, I will be spreading lentils all over my house, my wallet, my pockets... Everywhere)

Run around the block with a Luggage

I think this will be my favorite, especially after this 2020 year, Because I know with all miss traveling a lot. So this one comes right after the madness of midnight grape chugging. To ensure safe and abundant travels in the New Year, one needs to grab their luggage and run around the block. Make sure to grab your passport and foreign currency as well to ensure more overseas trips.

Burning of the Old Year

In some parts of Latin America people make a rag doll symbolizing the old year and burn it as the clock strikes twelve. In addition to the doll, some regions also burn photographs and other items to help create people let go of the year behind them and make room for what is new to come.

Clean your Home

The main benefit to cleaning your home for the New Year is the fact that it will bring great fortune into your life. Your home attracts a lot of Energy and having a dirty house can really bring some negativity into your life. When there is no order in your home, your life will too have no order. The tradition dictate that homes to be clean before the start of the new year, ridding the house of the bad luck and misfortune of the past, and opening up spaces for all the new good luck to enter and infuse your life, but extends beyond just cleaning to repairing or discarding broken items, finishing home projects, and decluttering the home.

Put some cash in your pockets

Having money in your pocket when you ring in the new year symbolizes starting the year by keeping the money flowing, Do not forget to put some in your bag or wallet as well.

Make a wish list for the New Year

Same as New Years resolutions but it is more a detail list of the goals that you want to accomplish in the new year. Whatever you write down in that list make sure you also right down a plan to start achieving all your goals.

If you want to go more deep with this type of ritual I truly recommend you to make another separate list with all the bad stuff that happened to you and that you really want to leave in the past. Next step, light your list on fire (in a fireproof container of course) and watch your past issues-troubles-negativity just BURN. Left your bad memories in ashes and start focusing to take on the New Year.

Drink some Champagne

For a little more financial luck in the New Year, just drink your favorite bubbly champagne by toasting after the ball drops. You should be golden for the rest of the year!!!

Light a Candle

Lighting candles on New Year's Eve can help make the year prosperous and positive.

White Candle for wholeness, Green Candle for good health, Yellow Candle for hope, Orange Candle for wisdom, Blue Candle for peace, Pink Candle for LOVE.

Sit and stand 3 times

As the New Years begins, many of you would like to find that significant other who can compliment your life in a special way. You must sit and stand three times to get your wish fulfilled.



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