• 1 avocado, ripe but still firm

  • Olive oil

  • Himalayan sea salt

  • toppings of your preference

  • a sharp knife


Cut and Peel the Avocado

Slice the avocado in half. Take out the pit, either by tapping the pit firmly (but carefully) with your knife blade and twisting to remove.

Peel the skin off the avocado halves.

Cut the avocado widthwise into very thin slices.

Take your time with this step, The key to a beautiful, successful avocado rose is to make thin but even slices. Very gently, fan out the avocado slices. Be careful not to crush the fruit.

Gently curl your avocado slices to make a rose shape. Start at one end and curl toward the center. Keep twisting to make a pinwheel-like shape. When the fruit is curled up, the fanned slices resemble rose petals.

Personal tips

Serve your avocado rose (or roses) with some sea salt, olive oil, you can play with it by using different toppings like I did here. I personally like my avocado roses with red chilly pepper flakes or orange tobiko. But can set your avocado rose atop of a salad bowl, a bowl of soup, or just a slice of toast.

Your first avocado rose might have a squished side, or be unevenly wrapped. (you can tell mines are not perfect, because I am still practicing) But don’t sweat it. If you make two or three roses in one session, the slicing and twisting motions will feel more natural, remember practices makes perfect.