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You don't need to spend thousands of dollars to get a smooth and rounder butt, so lets get straight to my BOOTYLICIOUS tricks I've been practicing for years.

Know your big booty foods

There are certain kinds of food that almost invariably add volume to your butt - nuts, peanut butter, brown rice, avocado or paneer, proteins - fiber. Fuel up on these foods if you’ve always wanted a fuller rounder smooth butt, Fiber works best and makes your doody softer when it absorbs water, so drink plenty of water. And if you’ve been dealing with big-butt problems since forever, then you know what to cut down on.

Pick your panties wisely

Sometimes it is better to look beyond the style of your undies, the fabric makes a HUGE difference. Materials that do not trap sweat or cause too much friction help get you a smooth butt. You can never go wrong with cotton. Avoid the elastic/seam from digging into your skin, causing pressure marks and affecting your blood circulation. Also, It is not a great idea to wear those thongs and G-strings all day as the “string” can cause irritation. I personally recommend to use high waist - regular panties to sleep with.


Aerobically, walking hills is a great butt workout. Indoors, use a 5% to 7% incline grade on your treadmill, Climbing stairs is another great choice for working the glutes. Find a stadium, or use a stair machine, elliptical, or arc trainer to help define the butt. For variety, dust off those inline skates and hit the pavement.

Shower after your sweat

You are probably thinking that is pretty obvious!!! but we’ve all lazed around in our sweaty clothes especially after a rigorous workout session or after a hot day in the sun. It is a bad habit as staying in your sweaty clothes because it can lead to bacterial growth, so make it a point to shower as soon as you can. Give yourself a good scrubbing to prevent bumps, acne and clogged pores on your booty, Do not forget to use a gentle body scrub. If you’ve been ignoring your bottom while exfoliating, then now is the time to start. Pick one that contains salicylic acid for super-smoothness or the easiest way by just using brown sugar and honey.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Like the rest of your skin, you would definitely want a soft butt!!! You can’t go wrong with good old baby lotion or light coconut oil.


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